Japanese Training Visit

japanese visitFrom the 18th to the 22nd of July our Technical Director, Andrew Minnaar, traveled to Tokyo, Japan, to meet up with one of our most recent, but very successful distributors for a training visit. Our distributor’s representative from Los Angeles, USA traveled to Japan at the same time which assisted in overcoming the challenges in terms of language and culture.

The time in Tokyo was spent in the office giving detailed training on the working of the Delta steam traps and introducing sales methodologies to our agent to assist them in growing the business. Two very important customer visits took place and were used to finalize all questions and understanding of the Delta steam traps that have been installed there and ensure they were operating optimally, which they were.

To date, all Delta steam traps installed have proven to be effective energy saving steam trap assets and far superior to any conventional mechanical steam trap brand in the market. Not only were excellent steam energy savings evident, but also clear benefits such as massive drop in maintenance requirements, elimination of complicated steam trap surveys and large CO2 savings on a permanent basis.

The Japanese region is serviced by an excellent distributor and they have worked very hard in creating excellent opportunities in terms of the steam trap market sales. We are proud to see our distributor sales and market penetration grow consistently while increasing the DSS brand visibility and reputation.

japanese culture Getting to know the Japanese culture better.