20-Year Guarantee

Steam saving Delta Venturi Steam Traps advantages include that it comes standard with our 20-year product quality and performance guarantee.


Minimal Steam Trap Maintenance

  • No Moving Parts
  • No Spare parts required
  • Permanently eliminate the need for steam trap surveys
  • Savings on labour for repairing steam traps
  • Unaffected by thermal shock or water hammer


Environmentally Friendly

  • Efficient steam trap system enables a considerable steam saving
  • CO2 emissions are reduced through reducing steam wastage through failed traps
  • Save water
  • Save water treatment chemicals
  • Save boiler fuel (gas, oil, coal or electricity) by up to 30%


Improved Efficiencies

  • Due to the traps unique DSV™ venturi orifice design there is TRUE continuous condensate discharge without any open/close cycles rather than intermittent discharge like traditional mechanical type steam traps such as ball float or inverted bucket traps.
  • Upstream control valves have a more linear steam supply to the process equipment rather than the traditional continuous peak and trough supply.
  • A thinner film of condensate is accumulated on the heating surface of the process equipment allowing improved heat transfer.
  • Through permanently eliminating failed steam traps passing live steam into the condensate return system and pressurising this system, a more balanced downstream pressure is achieved allowing faster condensate discharge and improved heat transfer.
  • Minimal thermal energy loss due to the Delta DSV™ Steam Traps compact design (in some cases up to 20 times smaller than mechanical steam traps)