Steam Trap Manufacturers



DSS Steam Trap Manufacturer was established in 2008, after noticing ongoing problems in the industrial manufacturing markets due to the failure of conventional mechanical type steam traps. These products were costly, would fail regularly and cost millions annually in wasted steam which often goes undetected without specialised testing equipment. How does it compare to the competition?

The Delta venturi steam trap was developed to overcome the problems that most companies using steam systems were facing. Delta venturi steam traps have no moving parts that can fail and are guaranteed for 20-years. Delta steam traps are as efficient, in some cases, more efficient than conventional mechanical steam traps and require no maintenance. Our business is committed to continuously refining and developing our product range to maintain and increase our position in the market.

As a steam trap manufacturer, our products allow us to not only run a profitable business but also improve the productivity of our clients while impacting the environment positively through significant reduction of CO₂ emissions. We have built up a business which focuses on a strong sales distributor network worldwide. We have appointed numerous international distributors, with our largest markets being Germany, USA, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and Thailand. Our distributors are actively involved in the day to day marketing of our products and are knowledgeable in all aspects of the Delta range of venturi steam traps.