Japanese Market Growth

delta steam systemsThe Japanese market is turning out to be a very big market for DSS with continuous growth being experienced. Delta steam traps have been well accepted into the very quality conscious Japanese market.

The need for continued energy savings along with excellent reliability makes the Delta venturi steam trap a sure fit for the Japanese market. With the latest order for Japan having just left, DSS have been able to easily match expected delivery times required by the customer to ensure no project delays. DSS is looking forward to continued growth with a very good local Japanese partner going forward into 2019.

Delta Steam Traps carry a 20-year guarantee and have a lifespan in excess of 20-30 years giving the customer peace of mind that the Delta steam trap they are fitting will not need to be replaced for a considerable length of time and allows the customer to focus on his primary responsibility of manufacturing their products instead of worrying about failed steam traps.