Further Growth in Abu Dhabi Market

steam trap"DSS was recently awarded a further 800 venturi steam trap order for a gas plant in Abu Dhabi taking the total number of traps supplied to that plant over the last year to 1900 steam traps.

The original customer brief was for a venturi steam trap but with a bolted top cap instead of a screwed top cap. This was designed and manufactured for the customer and sent to the customer for a trial. After successful trials of the DSS model DSVB steam trap the customer began a process of replacing all of their steam traps to model DSVB venturi steam traps.

Delta Venturi Steam Traps carry a 20-year guarantee and have a lifespan in excess of 20-30 years giving the customer peace of mind that the Delta steam trap they are fitting will not need to be replaced for a considerable length of time and allows the customer to focus on his primary responsibility of manufacturing their products instead of worrying about failed steam traps.”