• steam systems

    Permanently eliminate the need

    for steam trap Surveys.
    Delta DSV™ steam traps have no moving parts that fail to open.
  • steam systems
  • steam system
    Reduce boiler fuel cost
    & reduce CO2 emissions.
  • steam systems

    No moving parts

    No more failed steam traps
    20-Year Guarantee
  • steam system
    Long-lasting &
    non-consumable steam traps

Delta Steam Traps Advantages

  • Energy Saving Steam Traps (watch video)
  • Reduce boiler fuel costs by 20-30%
  • Save steam, water and water treatment chemicals
  • No moving parts to maintain
  • Constructed completely from stainless steel
  • Require no spare parts, testing or monitoring equipment
  • No steam trap surveys required
  • Guaranteed for 20 years
  • Our steam traps are not consumables, they far outlast conventional steam traps


Steam traps options



Delta venturi vs. conventional mechanical steam traps.

Our steam traps have no internal moving parts. Because we have no internal moving parts our steam traps do not fail and break and do not need to be repaired or require spare parts. Because our steam traps have no internal moving parts we guarantee our steam traps for 20 years on steam distribution lines and process applications. Our steam traps work on the principle of downstream flash steam to self-regulate the upstream condensate flow and allow condensate to be removed and keep the steam in the system.

Conventional mechanical steam traps all use some form of mechanical system to open and close. Some use an inverted bucket or a ball or bimetallic element or discs or thermostatic elements but they all use some form of moving part that allows the valve to open and close.

Because these conventional steam traps have mechanical parts, these valves open and close hundreds of times a day, thousands of times a month and millions of times a year.

After a period of time, these moving parts start to wear out and eventually they will break and then the conventional mechanical steam traps will start to leak large amounts of steam, which is both expensive and causes unnecessary pollution.

Delta steam traps are guaranteed for 20 years against failure and are more reliable than any conventional steam trap in the market.

Delta Steam System Features & Advantages

Steam energy savings are achieved through the Delta traps’ unique venturi design.
There is TRUE continuous condensate discharge without any open/close cycles rather than intermittent discharge like traditional mechanical type steam traps such as ball float or inverted bucket traps.

steam traps inner working

Minimal Maintenance

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20 year Performance Guarantee

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Environmentally Friendly

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Improved Efficiencies

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