To Whom It May Concern

Mars Africa has been using Delta venturi orifice steam traps on our steam system since March 2013.

We have converted our main line traps as well as our main dryer from old type thermodynamic and ball float type traps to Delta venturi orifice steam traps with great success.

While there are no steam flow meters to measure steam usage, we are confident to say that the Delta steam traps have assisted in reducing our boiler fuel usage.

The Delta steam traps are hassle free and are efficient in keeping our saturated steam system dry and at the same time restricting steam from passing.

Our steam system is a fluctuating system with variations in pressure and load. We have found that the Delta venturi steam traps are easily able to cope with these fluctuations with no adverse effects at all.

Finally, our main steam line from the boilers to the factory is over 120m long, it is outside and exposed to large temperature fluctuations as experienced in Cape Town. The Delta traps have no problem in managing any additional condensate loads that may occur from summer to winter seasons.

I would definitely recommend that Delta venturi orifice steam traps be fitted, not only in the food industry but on all steam trapping applications.

Kind regards

Danie Hattingh
Site Engineer

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12 January 2011

Delta Steam Systems performed a steam system survey on our plant in April 2010 where they went about testing all steam traps to determine the amount of leakage through our steam traps and how much money could be saved by replacing these traps with their Delta venturi orifice steam traps.

The results of the survey indicated that our steam traps were wasting over 530 tons of steam per annum which translated to a massive yearly financial loss. Based on these figures it was decided to replace not only the leaking steam traps on the plant but also the functioning steam traps so that any future leakage could be eliminated.

Delta engineers converted our full plant over one weekend without the slightest problem and when we started up on a Monday morning the results were startling: – We had absolutely no more water hammer – We achieved much faster start up times – We no longer had to refill the hot well tank during the course of the day – Still temperatures were constant and batch times were shortened.

Over the 8 months that the Delta steam traps have been running we have certainly experienced a saving and the 10 months payback predicted by Delta was achieved well within this time frame.

It has been a pleasure working with the Delta team over the last 8 months and not only has they dramatically improved our system through their steam traps, they have also pointed out and corrected numerous other problems on our steam reticulation system, which when fixed has improved our process and saved us money.

Delta Steam Systems is a professional, well-managed company that is never afraid to go the extra mile to help solve a problem, and through this exemplary service, I am confident that their business will grow from strength to strength.

Eddy Beukes
Production Manager

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Delta venturi orifice steam traps were introduced to the company as a test project on a single cooker, due to skepticism. Initial trial runs showed that the delta traps were out-classing the old Spirax float type units, and it was decided to replace all steam traps in the plant with delta venturi orifice steam traps.
Savings were quickly realized and once all the units were in place a cost saving of +/- R6000.00 per shift x 20 days was realized within the first month, due to the extra throughput of product in the same shift time. This equated to a monthly production saving of R120 000.
The average monthly saving on coal (coal consumption ÷ working hours) is 14% less than last year’s average. This means an additional saving of R26,000.00 per month on fuel alone. This definitely shows that installing delta steam traps, with an immediate payback has been a very worthwhile exercise.


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Langnese-Iglo GmbH Reken plant, Germany is on track to make significant energy savings following the installation of the Delta Venturi orifice steam traps at the company’s Iglo frozen vegetables and herbs factory in Redken. Since installing the steam traps the company has seen a ten percent reduction in its steam usage

During the main season, Iglo’s Reken factory processes more than 25 tons of spinach per hour in large hot water vats. The vats are steam heated to 95°C with the condensate being removed by traditional mechanical steam traps.

Martin Wieskus, the Site Production Engineer, contacted Delta’s local agent to trial the Delta Venturi orifice steam traps. Following a site survey, Langnese-Iglo were supplied three 50mm traps on a long-term trial during the production season.

“We had seen the traps used by other industries and wanted to see if we could obtain the same energy savings”, said Herr Wieskus. “We were delighted with the results which measured a reduction in steam usage of 44kg per tons of spinach produced.”

Langnese-Iglo has been able to determine that the Delta steam traps have reduced steam usage by over 10% lowering energy consumption as well as carbon emissions. Such has been the success of the Delta Venturi orifice steam traps that Martin Wieskus has now recommended the technology to other colleagues in the Group and will be looking to upgrade other on-site steam heating plants.

The Delta Venturi orifice steam traps work by using the difference in density between steam and condensate. Steam is 1000 times less dense than condensate, so at the entrance of the trap’s orifice, the low-density steam is literally squeezed out of the condensate. The high density, low moving condensate is then preferentially discharged through the orifice, trapping the low-density steam behind it.

What makes the Delta trap different is its venturi orifice configuration, which works well over varying loads by using the ‘flash’ steam that comes out of condensate as it passes from high to low pressure to give a self-regulating, varying capacity. As the Delta Venturi orifice steam traps have no moving parts to wedge open or fail, it provides the ultimate in reliability necessitating only minimal maintenance and requiring no spares, testing or monitoring equipment.

Available in a wide range of sizes for a full cross section of applications, the hardwearing Delta steam traps are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel and are guaranteed for 10 years, obviating the need for repair or replacement. The Delta steam traps provide a fast payback – on some processes within a matter of days – from reduced energy costs and increased equipment reliability due to a reduction in damaging condensate in steam systems. In addition, it improves product processing by enhancing the quality of steam and also reducing equipment repairs, downtime, and replacement costs.

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Mr. Verwey

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good service that your company has provided us with, and the professional approach that has been taken throughout our dealings.

We are very happy with the Delta Venturi Orifice steam traps that you have installed on one of our kilns and have experienced exceptional performance and durability since installing them over a year ago.

In the past, water hammer was a constant problem on our site which would regularly damage the floats of our ball float traps resulting in the use of costly spare parts and labor as well as unwanted downtime and steam losses.After the installation of Delta Venturi Orifice steam traps, we have not had one single problem with water hammer resulting in any damage traps. Water hammer to a large degree has been eradicated through operator training, but where it has occurred there have been no problems.

Furthermore, drying times are steady and timeouts and we are experiencing excellent results through well-dried timber.

Where in the past we were repairing or replacing between 3 and 5 mechanical type steam traps per month, we now do not have to perform any maintenance on the Delta Venturi Orifice steam traps at all.

We have also dispelled all the malicious rumors that Spirax and the other mechanical steam trap companies are spreading about the Venturi orifice traps.

We strongly recommend that not only all sawmills and kiln operators but also all steam users consider converting to the Delta Venturi Orifice Steam Trap System.

Yours faithfully,

Swartland Boudienste

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To: Radian Oil & Gas Services Company
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

From: Maintenance Manager, Aminat Company

Subject: Delta Venturi Orifice Steam Traps

This is to acknowledge that Radian Oil & Gas Services had in agreement with Aminat to install eleven pieces of Delta Venturi Steam traps on our D-1540 heating system on 17th April 2013 for a testing period of six months.

Since installation till end November 2013 the traps were performing satisfactorily meeting our severe expectation. The full stainless steel construction with maintenance free concept together with constant discharge principle had reduced the substantial loss of energy and the water hammering effect too.

Aminat will not hesitate to replace any other faulty steam traps in the plant to Delta types.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any query. Thank you.


Andy Tan
Maintenance Manager
AAC EA Plant Jubail Industrial City
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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To whom it may concern

Radian Gas & Oil Services Company as the sole distributor for Delta Steam Systems in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has supplied Delta Venturi orifice Steam traps to the following companies:

1. SIPCHEM (private Petrochemical Company)
2. Aminat (private Petrochemical Company)
3. Eastern Petrochemical Company (Sharq), Sabic Company
4. Saudi Aramco Abqaiq Plants (stabilizer and NGL plant)
5. Saudi Aramco shedgum plant
6. Al Marai Dairy
7. Marafiq (Power Plant)

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To: Radian Oil & Gas Services Co.
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We would like to express our appreciation to Radian Oil & Gas for the prompt and courteous services that we installed Delta Venturi Orifice Steam Trap in condensate return line of heavy fuel oil heater in STG 4, that solve the chronic problem of dumping condensate at high temperature and environmental effect.

Mr. Syed Parvez Wali of Radian Oil and Gas introduced the Delta Venturi Orifice Steam Trap after a survey of the site in Marafiq Plant, Yanbu and advised us to replace the existing steam trap with Delta Steam Trap. MARAFIQ installed Delta Steam Trap on 15th July 2012. We found its performance satisfactory.

We wish Radian to keep on providing such services to us to save our operation & maintenance cost.

Best regards,

Yarbah Al-Shangiti
Manager, Technical Services Dept.
Marafiq - Yanbu

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Dear Mr. Verwey

When we were referred to your Company by our boiler supplier, we had never heard of or seen venturi orifice steam trap technology. The results of the comprehensive survey that you did made the decision to convert our entire plant, very easy.

For the full year, we have been running on Delta traps, we have seen improvements in process heat- up times, no more water in our live steam and absolutely no more water hammer in our system. Without exception, all Delta traps are performing extremely well and we have not done any maintenance on steam traps at all for a whole year.
We have seen a significant saving in our HFO consumption (35% – R 200,000.00), despite production volumes that have increased.

We appreciate the professional approach and great service you have provided us with over the past year. Thank you also for your willingness to share your technical know-how and experience relating to steam systems.
Looking at our own success story, we can only recommend the Delta Venturi Orifice Steam Trap System to any steam user.

Yours faithfully

Erlend vor Maltzahn
Operations Manager

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Dedicated to taking an active role in reducing its carbon emissions as well as saving costs, WIDI Laundry in Lűdenscheid, Germany has seen a dramatic improvement in its efficiency after installing Delta venturi orifice steam traps throughout the plants. Supplied through a local Delta agent, the venturi orifice steam traps have reduced the laundry’s CO2 emissions and its water usage by a remarkable 20%.
Established 40 years ago, a member of the Health Märkische Holding GmbH & Co. KG, WIDI Laundry handles over 30 tons of laundry a day from 60 hospitals and 58 nursing homes. Steam is used as a primary source of energy throughout the laundry in the operation of a wide range of equipment including washers, ironers, collators and dryers.

Conscious that the laundry’s mechanical steam traps were causing water vapour losses through evaporation from the hot well as well as poor condensate return, three years ago Christian Hackler, Production Director at WIDI Laundry asked our local Delta agent to undertake a complete steam audit of the plant.

“We commissioned a complete site survey and were amazed to see that steam losses were estimated at a five figure sum”, said Christian Hackler. “We were also impressed to read that we would receive a payback on the Delta venturi orifice steam traps in as little as 14 months”.

The first installation took place in the boiler house, where Sasha Kohla who is responsible for site services for WIDI Energy GmbH converted all the steam traps to Delta.

“Replacing all the steam traps was easy as they are fully compliant with all DIN standards”, says Sascha Kohla. “After the installation we saw that the operation of one of the shell and tube heat exchangers was not optimised. We were supplied a replacement insert for the Delta steam trap, which quickly resolved the problem. The overall result was very satisfactory as we no longer had live steam leaks and were even able to reduce the number of traps on some of our equipment as the previous installations had not been efficient”.

The remainder of the laundry was retrofitted with Delta venturi steam traps during 2012 and results were immediate:
“Straight after installation we noticed that the steam plume from the condensate receiver almost disappeared. The temperature of the condensate also reduced by 2-3C, which could only be attributed to the leakage of live steam through the conventional mechanical traps.”

WIDI laundry is so satisfied with the performance of Delta steam traps that it has presented the technology to the Leivenst Laundry Group with the suggestion to other group laundries that they also improve their energy efficiency.

The Delta venturi orifice steam traps work by combining venturi technology with the orifice. The capacity of the venturi orifice traps is related to the size of the orifice and also to the backpressure generated inside the venturi. It is a combination of these factors that gives the venturi orifice trap its overall capacity.

As the condensate passes through the orifice there is a pressure loss. On the upstream side of the orifice (the heat exchanger or steam line side), the condensate has the same pressure and temperature as the steam and therefore contains a lot of energy. (It is hot). As it drops pressure across the orifice, the temperature and pressure of the condensate reduce, resulting in it containing less energy. However, energy cannot disappear. So the difference in energy between the high pressure/temperature upstream side and the low pressure/temperature downstream side (i.e. the condensate return system) is converted steam. The higher the pressure difference across a trap (and it is the same for all traps) the more condensate has to be converted into ‘flash’ steam. Venturi orifice technology uses this flash steam to create a backpressure inside the venturi.

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To whom it may concern

Att: Bryan Anderson
Re: Delta Venturi Orifice Steam Traps

Amlazi Equipment Services, the SA agent and sole supplier of Kannegiesser laundry equipment, have been installing Delta Venturi Orifice Traps on a variety of our equipment for the past 4 years.

The processing equipment that we are successfully running with Delta Venturi Orifice Traps ranges from ironers, garment tunnel finishers and tumble dryers, all over SA. Without exception, all of these processes are far more stable and consistent and we have managed to cut drying times by as much as 40% in some cases.

Our experience is that the consistent discharge principle that the Delta Traps operate on, ensure faster heat up times and accurate temperature control which results in an overall improvement in the laundry process. In the past, we fitted thermodynamic, ball-float, balanced pressure and inverted bucket steel construction and maintenance-free benefits of your Delta DSV model made the decision easy to standardize on the Delta Trap.

To date, we have not experienced a single problem with Delta traps, and have no hesitation in recommending them to any steam user.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,
Amlazi Equipment Services (Pty) Ltd

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Dear Mr. Verwey

CONVERSION OF CLOVER PAROW PLANT TO THE DELTAVENTURIORIFICE SYSTEM I would like to thank you for your good service and professionalism that your company has provided us over the past nine months. The Delta Venturi Orifice steam traps that you installed throughout or plant about six months ago are performing exceptionally well and we have had no problems to date. We have noticed improvements in heat- up times and water hammer in our system has been eliminated since we converted to Delta traps. Also, our pasteurizer performance is significantly better. The biggest benefit has been the financial one. We have compared our boiler fuel to production volume output ratio for a period after the conversion. Our average monthly fuel saving is 17% as a result of changing to the Delta System. At the current oil price, this is a saving of R286, 000 per year. The actual payback on our initial investment in the Delta Venturi Orifice Traps was only 2.1 months. We are also aware that other mechanical steam trap companies are making claims that Venturi Orifice Traps do not work over varying loads. Varying loads in the steam system is a normal part of our process and the Delta Venturi Orifice Traps are working extremely well in these applications with no backing- up of condensate and no leaking of steam. Based on our own good experience, we can only recommend that not only all dairies but also all steam users consider converting to the Delta Venturi Orifice Steam Trap System Francois van Eeden Clover SA

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To whom it may concern

In the past we were experiencing problems with our tube heat exchangers splitting and float traps failing on our plant, along with slow heat up times.
Since meeting with Derek from Steam and Process, we replaced 2 traps with the new Delta venturi traps.
The changes were noticeable straight away, no water hammer and everything seemed so much smoother.
Also heat up time was a lot faster.
At the moment we have converted about 90 percent of our plant.
In my view the venturi steam trap outclasses the old technology of a float trap.
Despite what other manufacturers say about this product, I have found them to be excellent.
I would fully recommend converting any steam equipment to Delta Venturi Orifice Steam Traps.

Grant Sorenson
Canterbury Woolscourers
A Division of Cavalier Woolscourers Ltd
PO Box 2048
Timaru 7941
Ph 03 688 2128

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To whom it may concern

It is my pleasure to recommend the Delta venturi orifice steam traps distributed in New Zealand by Derek and Rosalind Cressy’s company Steam & Process.

The marketing information, especially the video, certainly appeared to promise a lot of advantages over that of the more traditional traps and so curiosity aroused, we decided to trial them.

The immediate gain in installing these traps was an instant reduction of noise and flash steam since the venturi has constant balancing occurring of condensate and live steam versus periodic dumps. Clearly pressure fluctuations are reduced which in principle has to be a good thing although we were not aware of any plant issues that were caused by these. Aesthetically, they maintain a good appearance due to its stainless steel construction but commensurate with this is a higher price tag size for size.

While we have not conducted credible performance tests it is easy to surmise that with visibly less flash steam that efficiency would be better than the Thermodynamic traps we chose to replace (purported to be 15-30% better). Considering steam demand savings with the extra cost of these better venturi traps meant we chose to replace our existing traps by attrition rather than wholesale replacement. It is important that the steam is of good quality otherwise the fine mesh strainers in the traps can get blocked necessitating cleaning. Overall we are very happy with these traps and equally happy to recommend them to other would be users.”

Cheers Nigel Jones
Affco Hides

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Dear Jaques

When we were first introduced to your energy saving steam traps, we were a bit skeptical as to whether they actually worked as efficiently as you claimed. After receiving feedback from other textile references, we opted to replace only the failed mechanical type traps in our plant with the Delta Traps.

About 50% of our traps in the factory have been replaced with the Delta Venturi Orifice steam traps and we have been running extremely well for about 7 months now, We have seen improvements in process temperatures, heat- up times and we have no more water hammer in our system. All of the new Delta traps are performing extremely well and we have had no problems to date. We have also not needed any maintenance on any of the new Delta traps.

The most astounding result is the saving of HFO which is in the region of 15% month on month, with production volumes being fairly constant over the 4 month period. This immediate saving equates to about R 350,000 per year based on the current oil price. The payback on our investment in Delta traps was about 1 month only.

Thanks for the professionalism and excellent service you have provided us with up till now, and we have decided to replace all our old mechanical traps with Delta Venturi Orifice traps as they wear out and fail.

Thank you also for your willingness to share your expertise and experience relating to the overall steam reticulation system and we certainly recommend you to our other business partners.


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